Hey there! I’m Becky


I’m a wife, mom, speaker, yoga and meditation teacher, and a former Seminarian and Pastor. We all want to know God is real, especially in a crisis. I was a seminary student in 2017 when our oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed God’s faithfulness firsthand. Blessing after blessing, comfort after comfort, God was making himself known. Even in our darkest moments, we felt His presence and experienced His peace.


Rather than recoil from this life defining event, it is clear that I am to share God’s faithfulness with others to encourage them in their walk and in their time of need. I could never have imagined that the breathing, praying, and meditating practices I learned when creating Christ Centered Yoga® would be what I would rely on most in my times of deepest despair. My sincere desire is to share with you what God has so graciously shared with me through speaking engagements, written practices, online classes and instructional videos.

"Friends and Neighbors" air date 2/1/2018

Jesus Healing Blind Man Mark 8:22-25

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