My Story Continued 
I want to live in a world where people are transformed by the real Jesus. Not the uptight, made-up Jesus from your grandmother’s church nor the get-along, go-along nice guy Jesus from children’s books. But the for real, change-the-world-and-even-how-we-measure-time-Jesus who is at once powerful enough to create the universe and personal enough to know the number of hairs on your head.
As a yoga trainer, I've developed programs for the J.A. Walters Family YMCA, Longstreet Cancer Center, and Preferred Women’s Healthcare; presented at DCAC Fitness, YogaFit and YMCA conferences; served at Friends of Recovery, For His Kingdom Ministries and Harvest of Hope; and shared the mental, physical and emotional benefits of faith and yoga at corporate retreats and wellness events such as Syrup Marketing, The Norton Agency, and Gwinnett Medical Center.
When I'm not studying for seminary, you can find me walking in the 80-acre meadow near my house with our rescue Oreo, pastoring two small, rural churches, questioning the status quo of everything and optimistically checking my phone for a text from someone I love. Join me on YouTube for weekly meditations and guided visualizations. Join me in person for the September 2019 launch of the 200-hour Christ Centered Yoga® Registered Yoga School!!
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Becky Martin
Suwanee, Georgia